Guide to dominion expansions

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Guide to dominion expansions

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:56 am

For our enjoyment there is a great variety of fun and thought with the following expansions your givin the prolonged excitement of new cards, strategies, etc

There are 2 sets witch you can start off with the original 500 cards or Intrigue 500 cards. They contain all the card required to play all by themselves once you own one of them you have the options of getting any of the following expansions:

Alchemy 150 cards(adds a potion cards)
Prosperity 300 cards(adds a platinum 5 treasure cards,and a 10 point victory card)
Hinterlands 300 cards
Cornucopia 150 cards
Seaside 300 cards
Dark Ages 500 cards(largest expansion)

there is also a base cards set you could buy it you don't the money to start with Dominion or Intrigue

And for those looking to get more for there money
They have a Big Box starter set that comes with Dominion, alchemy, and prosperity


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